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The ULAG will provide a collection of art "donated" by visitors and artists (who maintain all copyrights) along with tutorials on how to create your own art, a place for visitors to share comments and discuss the art, and where artists may also (in the future) sell their work.

If you have art you would like to feature here, please email a jpg or gif image to press@uoflife.com.  If you know any quotes regarding art or anything else that would enhance this page, please feel free to pass that along as well.


Photography: basic tips and examples

Who Needs Artists?

In our often overly-logical culture, the arts often take a backseat to money and other concerns.  But developing a healthy appreciation of art and surrounding ourselves with it enriches our quality of life like few other things can.

Artists help us to experience greater satisfaction with life or otherwise stir our emotions and make us feel alive.  They communicate subtle and complex concepts powerfully.  They help you to develop your own identity and discover what life has to offer by showing you the way.  They skillfully utilize physical objects, images and sounds to trigger responses inside you.

Without art, the most beautiful and touching parts of humanity wither and vanish away.

Everyone needs artists.

     Maybe the only sure way to find peace in life is to let yourself feel every gentle brushstroke of wind and passing breeze, to let these stroke your heart and stoke your imagination to a blazing-hot fire or glowing red coals.

     Five billion people pass each night beneath the same black sky. Those who gaze upward at the billion tiny points of light and let their eyes linger and find inspiration there do so because they share a common bond with the stars.
     These people carry their own lights inside themselves. Without such an inner light, the night sky has no meaning nor beauty to give.

excerpts from The Art of Heart by Shaun Roundy





poetry: for now, find plenty of tips and examples at the U of Life Writing Center

Featured Artists:

Chad Barksdale
Shaun Roundy
Robert Decker


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