blmview.jpg (27112 bytes)Bear Lake Monster

Lining the wavy ridge between Logan Canyon's Sinks and the Bear Lake Valley is a row of limestone cliffs. When a pre-4th of July family reunion took Shaun there, he took advantage of his long-time dream and put up a first ascent, naming it and the area Bear Lake Monster after the serpent-like appearance of the cliff twisting along the wave-like ridge and the pioneer myth (or is it?) of the beautiful blue lake. Pictures coming in a few days.

The route was an 80' 5.10c crack, perhaps the best line in the area. It turned out steeper than it looked from the ground with the easiest-looking spots giving the most trouble. The rock turned out to be very solid with good cracks and even a few pockets up high. Belay off a pair of junipers atop the cliff--bring long webbing for that. A hundred feet to the south a set of chains has been drilled into the cliff top, but examining the route below didn't look like a first ascent lead had been done there. IF YOU KNOW ANYTHING about other routes in the area, please let us know.

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Antone walks away from the route--visible exactly above him.

 blmtop.jpg (18606 bytes)
Shaun nears the top on the first ascent

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One of the best things about Bear Lake Monster is its proximity to so many other run activities.

After the climb, Shaun and Antone headed to the lake for wave running, sailing, and general relaxing in the perfect blue water.

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