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Something on your mind? Want to get it off your chest? Click the target below to enter the Soap Box discussion area. The first step in turning a Great Idea into a Great Difference is spreading the word and getting people involved.  That's why we created Soap Box. Got great ideas? Send them to us please! In the mean time, take a look through these.

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High Adventure CoalitionHigh Adventure Coalition
You ought to be excited about life. High Adventure includes anything that gets your heart rate up and changes you in good ways. This popular site focuses mainly on physical pursuits and the great outdoors. Plenty of thrilling photographs that you can even use as your computer wallpaper.
Light the WayAmerican Sign Minimum Literacy Track (ASMLT, say assimilate)
Learning American Sign Language is easy.  ASMLT makes it easier and more practical.  Within five years, 50% of the US population should know the 25 basic signs.  Major benefits for singles, parents, everyone.
Who Are You, Anyway?
"To know yourself is the beginning of wisdom." Dozens of ideas to help get to know yourself, figure out who you want to be, what you want and how to become it or get it.  Also introducing the upcoming Lit to Intro program for self-discovery and making good friends.
LDS Singles Network & Social Seek
The Most Innovative Singles Sites on the Internet.  Get your Free Profile & use unique tools like Compatibility Profile, Interview Me, Wish List, Interest Groups, Skills & Interests Searching, and more.
Just in Case First Aid Kits"Just in Case" First Aid Kits
prepared by Dr. Sonia Ochoa
Survey LandSurvey Land
Drop by and help the University of Life Press gather information for future publications. Learn something in the process.
How to Think
     You can solve any problem if you think about it enough. On the other hand, thinking about problems sometimes makes them worse. Learn to think effectively to improve your life by leaps and bounds--learn and change the easy way.
     Ya know how they tell us that we only use about 15% of our brains? Well thanx to television and other technology, we're probably not using that 15% very effectively. Find out how to easily do something about that.
Break Through Your Comfort Zone Barriers
Don't waste your life because it was "too hard" to act or change. Once you become aware of your comfort zone and what that means, you'll find it easier to do and get what you want.
Give Religion A Chance
    Tools to increase what you get out of religion. New, healthier ways to look at the big picture, regardless of what church you may belong to. And plenty of help for anyone who teaches the gospel to make your lessons interesting and effective.
The Perfectionist's Guide Book
Perfectionists of the Universe--UNITE!!! But watch out for the pitfalls of pseudo-perfectionism!
Citizens Against Pornography Put a lid on it!
An economics-based program to reduce the availability to purchase pornography in your community.
People Against a Litigist Society (PALS)
Sick of the New American Dream--to get rich quick by taking someone else's money through ridiculous litigation? So are we.
Just Do Something!
You can't do everything for everyone everywhere, but you can do something for someone somewhere. Do something now.
Featuring the annonymous Resignation as an Adult letter and its Rejection.
Get What You Want
A healty life motto. It may sound selfish at first, but once you understand it, you'll realize it's the best way to be unselfish. Besides, selfishness is a good thing, as long as you don't take it to an extreme (which many people have). 
One Person can make a Difference. Are you that person?
Herotown, USA Everybody needs a Hero. 
What's a hero, why you need one, how to get one, how to be your own hero, and what to do with a hero once you've got one.
Choose Your Life!
You can do and be whatever you really want to. Take an active part in what that will be--don't let fate choose your future for you! So far, this page contains a list of inspirational and wise quotes about patterning your life and a place where you can add your own to the list for everyone else to read.
Pet Peeves
What bugs ya? We'd like to hear about it and offer a few possible solutions.
Ever had the feeling our own country could use a little restructuring?
Quit Your Whining!
The Bill of No Rights will set you straight on what you can and can not expect for free. Plus make you laugh.
Give Education a Chance University of Life Art GalleryU of Life Art Gallery
Learn a few tips from the various arts. Submit your own examples and explanations.
Humor  UVSC Adjunct Faculty Senate
There's More to Life than Television
We've all been there--something catches your eye on the tube, and before you know it, you've settled into the couch and spent the better part of the afternoon staring at it.
Work vs. Play
Who decided that work and play were supposed to be separate? Examine your attitudes about work using social deconstruction and ancient biblical references that we misinterpreted to fit our misconceptions.
Prison Reform
Ideas about this to spread around.why do we mix violent and non-violent prisoners? why don't the non violent ones just pay fines and do community service hours (lots of them)? the Bill of No Rights (entertaining). Why don't prisoners earn their keep and learn skills to keep themselves clean when they leave? is our goal to punish, to reform, or just to protect the innocent, and which should it be? What's the best method to acheive this?
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Find out why you should never mix unprotected sex and drinking.  Dont' Take That Drink! What you can do to help people in this situation and save them and their children from a life of difficulty, trouble, pain, guilt, etc. Add good student papers.
Driving You Crazy?
Whether it's the driver in the other car or your own mother driving you somewhere, many driving habits can drive you to distraction.   You can try solutions like imagining it's your friend tailgating you to soothe your road rage or figure out how to say something without accusations of being a back seat driver. Either way, try to be more patient and enjoy your life. Forgive others of their follies and you'll find it easier to forgive yourself. Find an entertaining driving quiz at One Wheel Drive.
Reconsidering Convention
Why's the business world so formal, anyway? Convention, that's why. No, this doesn't mean a big meeting somewhere across the country, it means that it's just a system that got set up, everyone bought into it, and it stuck. Does formality make a business more effective? Sometimes, sure, maybe, but how about making more room for passion and enthusiasm? There's a lot more power there than in "controlling" practical jokes, long coffee breaks, and inter-office relationships (does formality really curb these?).
LDS Singles Page
An article and a few links of interest to LDS singles.

LDS News Page
Read up on recent LDS-related news articles and get the same headlines on your web page for free!

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