40th Street BeachN'er cold, nor rain, nor dark of night, can stop the crowd from gathering at the 40th Street Beach.

The south side of Utah Lake provides sandy areas wherever streams empty into the lake. Half way between the more popular Sandy Beach and Lincoln Beach lies a small mass of sand overrun with pheasant, giant pelicans, swallows, dozens of other birds, mud and sometimes cows.   The High Adventure Coalition chose it as the location to play Extreme Croquet, watch a Drive Out Movie, cook around a fire and camp.  With cool temperatures and heavy rain predicted, we narrowed the events down to just cooking and guitar playing around the campfire, plus the 40th Street Beach Relay Race.  Despite the weather predictions, 23 people chose to trust in Deborah's magical power over the elements and showed up. Every campout she has planned this year said it would rain, but failed to spill a drop. Tonight, the first raindrops were felt within seconds of Debbie announcing "Well, I think I'll head home."

last lightIt ain't much, but it'll do. Deborah entertains the early crowd with her guitar licks while Todd gets the fire roaring.

40th Street BeachBecky and Steffanie return from firewood duty.
4bchgroup3.jpg (22876 bytes)4bchgroup2.jpg (26991 bytes)
4bchsguit.jpg (16060 bytes)4bchdguitar.jpg (11527 bytes)Shaun and Debbie play dueling banjos...er, guitars...with the same guitar.  Debbie won by a mile, but Todd outplayed them all.
4bchcamp.jpg (11197 bytes)After everyone had left but Dave and Shaun who set up their tents near the fire, the rain fell harder and harder until the fire finally died out. 

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