uintjllamatug.jpg (49383 bytes)Becky made the plan, Jay brought four of his llamas, and Natalie, April, Dave and Shaun joined them for a hike to

Ostler and Amethyst Lakes in the High Uintahs

over the 4th of July weekend, 2003.

>> Jay coaxes Yagermeister reluctantly through some rocks as we finally arrive at Ostler Lake.   The llamas were out of shape and tired after hauling around 80 pounds each for 6 miles of trail and several thousand feet of elevation.  Sometimes "coaxing" meant a fiesty tug-of-war.

uintflag.jpg (30084 bytes)Ostler-jima.  Shaun, Jay and Dave hoist the flag pole over camp.  A billion stars in the sky, invisible from the city, served as our fireworks show.

uintfire2.jpg (29405 bytes)West and wewaxation at wast!  Massages and fine cuisine around the fire were daily fare in the camp kitchen.

uintdsaw.jpg (24097 bytes)More camp shots:

Dave cuts firewood with the chain saw.

uintkitflg.jpg (43627 bytes)Natalie and Becky prepare breakfast.

uintsnocone.jpg (18064 bytes)Jay shows off his sno-cone made from crystal light and a nearby snow drift.

uintdanap.jpg (20441 bytes)Dave and April lounge around camp on Shaun's twin-size air mattress. 

While carrying a 40 pound pack up the trail, Shaun sometimes wondered what the difference was in bringing llamas. Falling asleep on this pad, along with all the gourmet food, kicking back in Dave's lawn chairs, and slurping cold watermelon on warm afternoons reminded him frequently.

uintostlernb.jpg (50264 bytes)On day 2, we left camp for Amethyst Lake, perhaps the western Uintah's most popular hiking destination.

Natalie & Becky above Ostler.

uintfshj.jpg (25105 bytes)Jay and Shaun stopped to cast a line or two in lakes along the way.
uintllamas.jpg (19128 bytes)The llamas enjoy grassy fields near camp.
uintsamcast.jpg (26476 bytes)Amethyst Lake.  Dave and Natalie dove off the 10' cliffs on the far side while Shaun, Jay and Becky pulled small brookies from the water on wooly buggers, flying black ants, and mosquitoes.

uints1fish.jpg (32284 bytes)Shaun's "$100 fish" - the first caught after spending ninety five bucks on fishing gear and license.  The next brook trout was the $50 fish and so on.

uintjl22.jpg (66459 bytes)>> We left Amethyst in time for Jay, Shaun and Natalie to hike to a small lake below Ostler where Jay had pulled a dozen fish from the water the night before, dragging them in on nearly every cast. Tonight was almost as good.

uintsbgfsh1x.jpg (34231 bytes)<< Shaun poses with yet another.

sunsetcasts.jpg (25961 bytes)

uintlvcmp.jpg (31914 bytes)After another beautiful night, we ate gourmet French toast for breakfast, held a brief church meeting, packed up and headed down the trail.
uintjagcry.jpg (22387 bytes)After lunging through a rock pile, Jag stubbed his toe and scared himself.  With his ears back and teeth showing, he seemed to be crying like a 5 year old.  Jay informed us that his teeth were showing because he had spit, and it's no back-of-the-throat kind of material, but more like vomit, which doesn't taste great. The face he's making here says "yech!"

uintandypaack.jpg (19284 bytes)On the way down, Andy was in a big hurry to get home and was wearing out the other llamas with his speed. Jay suggested we add some weight to his pack, and Shaun was more than happy to pitch in and supply the weight in the form of his pack, which they quickly tied on.

uintmdwx.jpg (34095 bytes)

Parting shot.

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