Paddling the Provo

featuring the difficult & dangerous jackknife maneuver
(Don't try this at home, kids!)

Just before moving to New York during the spring thaw, Mike and Sandra took a last ride down the Provo River in the canoe all his buddies bought him when his original was stolen. Predicting the future, the boat was aptly named "Everybody Out."

canoe2.jpg (17801 bytes)
"Everybody Out"

canoe1.jpg (11968 bytes)
Can you find the boat in this picture?

Upon reaching the Bridge of Death, the canoe brushed up against one of the supports. The cross current first pressed the boat against the wood piling, then dipped the edge of the boat under water, then instantly filled the boat with rushing water and bent it in half, ejecting both passengers to icy safety.

canrear.jpg (13205 bytes)

candoug.jpg (21252 bytes)
Doug returned with Mike with a comealong and two tie downs to extract the canoe.
canmike2.jpg (24432 bytes)
Mike wishes he had worn
the waders in the first place.
canhalfup.jpg (22795 bytes)
Half way out.

canmike1.jpg (17904 bytes)
Going up?

Not to worry, fans. No trains came by and the boat can be fixed. You'll find it floating the Finger Lakes in no time.

canonbridge.jpg (28901 bytes)
"It'll be easier to pack for the move."

Do Mike and Sandra have any regrets? Not really. "All in the name of High Adventure," they'll tell you.

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