dumenatclimb.jpg (26545 bytes)
Natalie loves her first rock climbing experience

Point Dume

Ever have one of those days when you just can't decide whether to head to the crag or the beach? Well sometimes you don't have to.

Point Dume is a nice little beach crag just north of Malibu on PCH 1. Turn in to Zuma Beach, then head south a quarter mile. You'll find bolted routes from 5.5 to 5.9 (at least) plus a very nice top rope facing the sea. Some require a 60 meter rope if you plan to lower off. The bolts may be a little rusty from all that salt spray, so evaluate them before deciding whether you want to risk falling on them - or wait for a really high tide and time your fall with the swells like those cliff jumper guys in Mexico. And keep the sand off the rope.

dumeshaunrap.jpg (12653 bytes)
Shaun Raps over the surf

dumestace.jpg (20597 bytes)
Stacey relaxes in the sand between routes

dumenatx.jpg (15581 bytes)
Shaun & Natalie kick back before climbing

dumeshaun.jpg (11398 bytes)
The tide rolls in at the edge of the crag

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