Hell's Throat

New Year's Eve, 1997-98, Members of the High Adventure Coalition and four Foresteros met at Beaver Mountain in Logan Canyon to spend the night in Hell's Throat.
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, Annalisa, Mike, Brian, Andrea, and Shaun leave for the New Year's party
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Annalisa drops into Hell's Throat
Hell's Throat is the name we gave to Beaver Cave--a 150' deep hole in a ravine on Beaver Mountain Ski Resort's backside. After shoveling a few thousand gallons of snow into the opening to smooth the cave bottom for sleeping on, we tied off and rapelled inside, dangling our packs below us so they wouldn't pull us over backward.
Once on the cave floor, we leveled off the snow, set up camp, and cooked dinner. A latrine was set up in one corner of the cave and blocked off with a tarp hung from stoppers placed in cracks in the wall (if you plan to camp there, commit everyone to sing loud rounds for as long as necessary). Then it was time to explore the lower intestine (the name we assigned to a 90' drop reached by scaling one wall for about 20', sliding along a narrow slanted passageway, and rapelling through a small hole in the floor).


hell4.jpg (68266 bytes)
Shaun lands in the Lower Intestine

A third drop (the Appendix--40') can be reached through a hole in the floor there, but we didn't take the time to explore it again this year.  

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Happy New Year!

After ascending the ropes out of the lower intestine and setting up base camp, we broke out the sparkling cider (non-alcoholic) and wine glasses (carefully packed along) and toasted to High Adventure, good friends, nature, and everything else we could think of till the bottles were empty.

We left the cave over 24 hours from the time we lowered in, and snowshoed in the dark to the highway where drivers hitchiked back to the Beaver Mountain parking lot to pick up the cars.


hell3.jpg (55564 bytes)
A view of camp from the rope



This was the third camping trip in Hell's Throat. Read about the second trip here.

  P.S. Andrea & Brian are getting married!! Congradulations from all of us!
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