"Is it colder in winter or in the mountains?"

When an inversion sets in, you can escape the winter blues by climbing (or driving) above the cold temperatures locked beneath the cold valley fog and unhealthy smog. What you need is an Inversion Aversion Diversion.  Here are a pair of our own success stories:

1. Sledding Immigration Canyon
You're familiar with several winter-time extreme sports: ice climbing, back country extreme skiing, luge and skeleton. Add sledding to the list, especially when the snow is hard and fast, and especially if Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) has convinced you that you have nothing left to live for anyway. The S-curve a few miles up Immigration Canyon (above the zoo, NE corner of SLC) offers the perfect place to commit this sort of suicide where a driver shuttles sledders to the top of the hill and picks them up at the bottom - hopefully not literally and all in one piece. Beware of the many sled-eating trees and barbed wire fence at the bottom.

sledgrp1.jpg (15731 bytes)sledgrp2.jpg (13294 bytes)Oh, it all begins innocently enough. Look at these cute, happy friends. But wait! What's that mischievous look appearing in Heide's eyes???




sledgrp3.jpg (24945 bytes)Watch out, Laura! You're about to go down the hill backwards. Better stay out of this one, Tina! Let them go on without you. Save yourself.

 sledgrp4.jpg (14967 bytes)



In the end, you're bound to spend a good portion of your day spinning out of control, slamming into bumps and trees, running into each other and sliding to a slow halt in various piles no matter how cautiously you proceed.

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2. Straight out of Sunset Magazine, spend a weekend in a cabin in Alta, Utah.
Okay, so we didn't actually spend the weekend, but an afternoon and evening was enough to get the feel of the thing. Ann, Mark, Jana and Shaun caught the last lift to the top of Sugarloaf. From there, they skied half way back down the mountain to Ann's family cabin. From there, they hiked up to various cliffs and vertical ice for climbing and sliding on backs, butts and shovels back down to the cabin where they whipped up a gourmet multi-course dinner, kicked back in front of a roaring fire, and finally skied back to the car before midnight in a blinding blizzard. Ahhh, beautiful. Just the ticket to escape the mid-winter blues.

altaamclmb.jpg (44710 bytes) altajanasld.jpg (13288 bytes) altamice.jpg (32495 bytes) altadnr.jpg (23725 bytes) altasunsetmag.jpg (27246 bytes) altajski.jpg (57783 bytes)

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