Spit five hundred feet from here.
Top of "Closer" looking down

1st Annual Isolation Canyon Experience 2000

August 24, 2000

Ben and I (Jeremy) came up here yesterday afternoon (4PM). Hiked in on the old DT trail so Toby (the pooch) could make it in easier. We made it in to camp just as darkness fell. I set up the tent and tarp overhead. Ben slept in his hammock till 2AM when it started to rain.

This morning we organized our gear then headed to the top of the main wall so we could rap the line to the right of "Closer". We placed anchors at the top of "Closer" and a set at the beginning of pitch four. I then rapped off these anchors to the main ledge. I climbed up the face right of "Closer". It was pretty tough at parts and will need lots of bolts. The way the rope was running over the edge was pretty scary. We then decided to explore the canyon past DT's roof. We found some good boulder problems that we'll probably do tomorrow. We did the easier ones, which were really fun. Now we are back at camp and I am cooking up a Dinty Moore. Just relaxing before bed. I wish I had a radio so I could listen to the D-Backs games, oh well.

August 25, 2000

Ben and I hiked out to the car this morning hoping to see Chris there, but he wasn't. We relaxed for a bit, then went into town for food. Started to hike back into the canyon at around noon. About a third of the way in, I realized that I forgot to pack my food. We decided to just keep hiking in. We did two routes that afternoon near DT's Roof, the area we are calling Souvlaki Space Station. After Ben led the left crack, I followed and cleaned. We then set anchors (one weld shut and one Petzl with a quick link). I then top roped the face just to the right. I then heard voices coming from up canyon. It was Chris and Crista. We left the top rope up since Ben wanted to give the line a go as well. After Chris and Crista had a chance to rest from their grueling hike in (they had heavy packs), we did some bouldering. We first stopped at the beach area, where I showed them a couple of problems and my long time project. After a few warm up problems, Chris jumped on the project. He worked out a sequence then sent it after a few attempts. He calls it "The Three Minute Egg." We played around on a few other problems including a vertical thin wall that we weren't able to pull off. Maybe next trip when I'm stronger. It started to get dark so we went back to camp for dinner. This campsite is sooo cool. Surrounded by giant boulders and pine trees, with a clear view into the heavens, it is the place I often daydream about. That night Ben and Chris top roped the face route by headlamp. Chris calls it "Straight to the Milky Way." It's bedtime now.

August 26, 2000

Today Chris, Crista, and I hiked out to retrieve food and gear. We went into town to buy some bug spray, but they didn't have anything good. We went to the next town, but made a detour at the Natural Bridge. That thing is so freakin' awesome. If climbers had found this place, it would definitely be a destination spot. 200+ feet of beautiful, overhanging, limestone with pockets everywhere. We then had lunch at pizza factory. After buying supplies at the local grocery store we drove back to the canyon. Chris led one of my favorite routes "Movement", and then Crista followed. She then led the first pitch of "Shadow Play" and I led the second. We then ate dinner at camp and relaxed before calling It a day. Ben and I went over to Souvlaki Space Station to try a first ascent by headlamp. He started up, but had to back off due to loose rock and lack of illumination.

August 27, 2000

We all took our stabs at DT's Roof this morning. Chris started up and after placing a couple pieces, backed off. Crista then placed a few more pieces beyond his high point. I then led up to the roof and gave it a go, but failed to pull my weak self over the lip. I took the fall then came down. Chris then cruised up it with minimal effort over the roof, "fear the roof" he says. Crista tried again, but was unable to make the long reaches pulling over the roof. With a tweaked shoulder she reluctantly had to come down. I was up next. I worked my way up the lower parts quickly then once again, totally pumped, fell trying to pull the roof. I hung there for a bit, with Chris' permission, then tried to fire it using a different position, but still couldn't do it. Maybe I'm too tall. Maybe I'm too weak. I think the latter excuse is probably correct. Ben then decided to give it a go and did it first try. He made the roof look incredibly easy. I hate him (just kidding).

We then packed up and hiked out. It was a beautiful first Annual Isolation Canyon Experience. Hopefully next year we will be able to put up some more routes. Just being there with friends is fun for me. Working out problems with friends, exploring new lines, sharing the adventure and experiences of the canyon and what it has to offer. This is what I enjoy the most about climbing.



Disco Fever!
Jeremy putting those long limbs to good use


Preparing to pull through the roof


I love Isolation Canyon ***this*** much!
Skiping the intermediate hold.
(I use Chris' finger jam in the roof now.)

First Ascent Crew, 2000
This year's participants
Closer to Heaven
Ben rappeling off "Closer" We toproped the face going up to the large roof and out right
High Adventure Coalition University, Climbing Department
Ben on the campus boulder
Take two of these for breakfast daily for strong muscles
Jeremy working "The Three Minute Egg"
The world's more beautiful from space
DT's Roof on the right and Souvlaki Space Station to the left
Getting a move on
Chris starting up Movement
Home Sweet Home
The amazing campsite amoungst the boulders HOME
You'd love a wedgie like this
Chris at top of Movement notice the Mother of all Rope Eating Agaves on the ledge
"I'm always picking up after you!"
Crista cleaning on Movement

Chris at the beginning of DT's Roof

Crista on DT's Roof

Chris sewing it up
Can we shift gravity around just for a second?
Crista attempting to pull through the roof

He flies through the air with the greatest of ease...!
Ben catching himself after his right foot cuts loose.
This picture is from 1997.


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