Little Sahara Sand Dunes

dunesmkwhliex.jpg (15617 bytes)What a blast!!!!!!!!!
dunesxc.jpg (4494 bytes)Both the motorcycling and other activities went great and everyone had a terrific time. The paper airplane contest off the top of Sand Mountain (700' high?) didn't go so well (judging from what I saw of Nicci & Brenda's performance from the motorcycle below). If you had gone (those of you who didn't), you probably could have won. (entertaining video here - 5.2 MB)

dunescart2.jpg (7678 bytes)We never got around to paintballing or snowboarding, though there were a dozen sledders and a telemarker (X-C skier) having a good time. We'll have to go back again and play more!!!

< Mike's 2001 XR650L devours Sand Mountain.

Antone breaks the world cartwheel land speed record. Here he does five and half turns in a row before wiping out. >

dunesshwhl3x.jpg (14778 bytes)
Shaun begins thinking seriously about trading in his bullet bike for an XR.
dunesshjump1x.jpg (15889 bytes)
"He flies through the air with the greatest of ease!" It's the landing that sometimes causes trouble.
dunesshclmbx.jpg (8494 bytes)
Ripping up a steep hillside, the paddle kicking out sand behind.
dunesshclmbwhlx.jpg (9385 bytes)
Flying uphill again...we have lift off!

Anatomy of a Crash Landing
Hope you enjoy this. Shaun went to great lengths to deliver a first-hand experience here by tying his video camera to the helmet.

dunesstrngjmp.jpg (11538 bytes)1. Choose a nice jump. If you see someone else launch nicely, consider taking off from the same point. A bit lower down the dune might have a steeper ramp, for example. duneswreck1.jpg (8918 bytes)2. Go off lower down with the steep ramp anyway. Keep the throttle on just too long, sending the front tire high into the air, rotating slowly higher and higher as you fly through the air.
duneswreck2.jpg (8500 bytes)3. Land rear tire first, sending the front down hard enough to bury itself in the sand and summersault the bike over forward, taking the rider with it. Look at that dedicated, optimistic rider! Still has his hand on the throttle, trying to drive. duneswreck3.jpg (8232 bytes)4. Let go of throttle. It's hopeless. Besides, the motorcycle is about to land on you.
duneswreck6.jpg (9363 bytes)5. As predicted, motorcycle now lands on you. duneswreck7.jpg (7590 bytes)6. Motorcycle continues to roll over you, delivering cheap shots along your knees and shins, along with a quick chiropractic adjustment.
duneswreck8.jpg (8403 bytes)7. Motorcycle now rolls away from you. duneswreck9.jpg (8900 bytes)8. Motorcycle stands itself up and you grab the left handlebar to keep it there.
duneswreck10.jpg (14165 bytes)9. Your body now comes to a stop next to the bike, which has shifted itself into neutral and continues purring like a kitten. Perhaps a tiger or lion kitten. duneswreck12.jpg (8153 bytes)10. Get back on motorcycle and show it who's boss by tearing up a couple more steep hills and catching a touch more air over one more dune before calling it a day.

Who says Utah doesn't have a beach?!  It just doesn't have an ocean.   The dunes felt almost equally relaxing with its wide open spaces, cool breeze (in October at least), and wave runners. Well, dune runners.  The way your front tire sometimes fishes around in the sand makes it feel almost more like a wave runner than a motorcycle. (experience the wide-open, relaxing sensation with the video "A Day in the Dunes" by Antone. 5.2 MB)

Getting there: Drive down I-15 to Nephi.  Take the 2nd or 3rd exit, the one that goes to the Nebo Loop, but go west instead.  Go through town and 13 miles after leaving, turn right (north-west) on the road marked "Sand Dunes >".  Cross over highway 6 and then turn left at the sign reading "Little Sahara."  Note the sign that says "X days since the last serious accident."  The X never seems to rise above 10.

Ya wanna see more great sand dunes photos w/ entertaining commentary? Start here and go through them all: You'll be glad you did. BTW, it's from the Little Sahara sand dunes in Oklahoma, not Utah.

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