Moab Jeep Safari et al.

moabrv.jpg (46497 bytes)
Steve, Erin, Dave, Scott, Chantal, and Shaun kick back in Scott's RV

Four HAC AZ and two HAC UT members met in Moab over Easter weekend for HAC April Full Moon Adventure.  Everyone had an excellent time and returned home relaxed and happy. (Yes, this is meant to rub it in for all you who backed out of an outstanding trip!)

moabmoki.jpg (52731 bytes)
Shaun on Bad Moki Roof

Climbing at Wall Street along the Colorado River is always a highlight at Moab.



moablc2.jpg (21567 bytes)
Dave & Chantal relax
while Scott leads a route



      moabsolo.jpg (22375 bytes)    
Shaun free-solos a "scarier
than I expected"crack
to set up a quick top rope

Between 4-wheeling, climbing, hiking through Arches, and BBQ's, HAC members found plenty of time to relax, grade papers, read, and just talk.

moablc1.jpg (52180 bytes)
Everyone hangs on tight while the Landcruiser ("Recon") hits a few small bumps.

moablion.jpg (68966 bytes)
Scott holds onto his hat and Dave tries to avoid blowing over while watching a truck descend Lion's Back.

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