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"A Farewell to Summer" campout

14 participants (including 3 moose) camped in Moose Meadow, 2 miles up the Timpanookee trailhead, to watch summer fade into fall.

Around midnight, three moose wandered into camp.  We had obviously taken their spot.  They groaned back and forth at each other while we dragged our tents closer together to make room for them.  They eventually settled down (blocking the trails out of the meadow) and so so did we.  We heard them crunching all the way around our camp during the night, keeping some people up with their ears listening as sharply as possible to make sure they didn't stampede us unawares.

"Someone's been sleeping in my bed," said baby moose, "and they're still there!"
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Looks like the old college VW bug or phone booth overcrowding trick.  We fit everyone except the moose into one 3-man tent.
moosecamp.jpg (51577 bytes)
The last moment of peace before we heard the moose tromp in to camp.   "There goes the neighborhood!"

moosemoose.jpg (56188 bytes)
This night shot was reworked in Photoshop to show the bull moose feeding nearby.

The autumn leaves were gorgeous, with another good week or two before most of them would likely fall.  The temperatures were perfect and comfortable.  It made it easier to bid farewell to summer after spending a little time outdoors.  This gave us one more chance to feel like we had spent summer well, that we hadn't let it all pass by unnoticed and unappreciated.

more photos coming soon...

Participants: Al, Shaun, Natalie, Mike, Holly, Liz, Antone, Jay, Shay, Jana, Crystal? & Papa Moose, Momma Moose & Baby Moose.

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