Mount Nebo

neborobby.jpg (33590 bytes)
Robby takes a breather below the cornice


June 29, 1998, Shaun, Antone, Robert, and Robby climbed Mount Nebo: at 11,928 feet, it's the highest peak around Utah Valley.

After bushwhacking an extra mile or two, we found the ridge that took us to the trail.

nebocornice.jpg (37570 bytes)
Shaun kicks over a small section of cornice

nebosteep2.jpg (35419 bytes)
The steep below the summit cone

nebor&r.jpg (39241 bytes)
Robby & Robert pose below the summit

nebor&rsummit.jpg (26973 bytes)
Robby looks back, Rob about to cross a steep snowfield just below the summit

neborar.jpg (16394 bytes)
Robert, Antone and Robby traverse a...Antone! What are you doing?!

nebosteep.jpg (32389 bytes)
Antone & Robert kick back near the summit

nebosummit.jpg (24309 bytes)
Antone, Robby, Shaun & Robert on the summit

nebodance.jpg (15505 bytes)
Antone and Robby dance on the summit as Shaun plays "Oh, Suzanna" on the harmonica and Robert looks on

After phoning friends and relaxing on the summit for half an hour, we made our way back down in style:

nebospin1.jpg (16681 bytes)
Shaun participates in the first annual Freestyle Glissading competition
which consists of sliding down the steep slope, spinning, flipping over backwards, and finally digging in the ax when trees or rocks or cliffs draw too near for safety.  Crampons are not recommended for this exercise. If they dig in at top speeds, you could hurt your ankles or legs or spin out of control.

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