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Are You a  Utah County Driver?  driving quiz

What do we mean by "Utah County Driver?" Utah County highways currently house an interesting mix of bumper-hugging in-a-hurry California college students and grew-up-on-the-farm grandmothers--a volatile mixture resulting in too much road rage and certainly not the safest environment for us two wheelers. Take the test as many times as you'd like, but most of all, please refer those inconsiderate drivers in your sphere of influence to this page!

1. In this diagram, the slow lane is:

All of the Above

abclanes.jpg (3732 bytes)

2. Turn signals should be used:

When changing lanes
A few seconds before changing lanes
After changing lanes
Only when blinker fluid is not dangerously low

3. When following on residential roads, a proper following distance would be:

As close as possible, so as to conserve fuel by "drafting"
Close enough to let the driver ahead know that they should be traveling at least ten miles over the speed limit
Two seconds behind, calculated by counting "one one thousand, two one thousand" between the time the front car and the rear car pass a stationary object.
Close enough that the driver ahead can not read your license plate and report you to the motor vehicle division

4. It is appropriate to back off and let cars merge into your lane when:

The driver of the car is cute
The driver of the car is ugly and upset
You are not in a very big hurry
The driver signals his intention to merge

5. When someone flashes their lights behind you on the highway, it means:

You're doing great! Stay in front of me in this lane
Hey cutie! Hows about you 'n me get to know each other a little better at the next rest stop?
Move over for a second, please
Lookout! There's a werewolf in your back seat who ducks every time I flash my lights!

6. It's okay to pull out in front of a motorcycle when:

You're in a hurry. They'd have died within six months anyway.
You first make eye contact.
They're still a long ways away and aren't going too fast.
The driver doesn't look capable of beating you to a pulp if he survives.

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