The High Adventure Coalition Pioneers a New Sport:
River Biking

August 13, 1998, four HAC members met at Canyon Glen in Provo Canyon for the first ever (as far as we know) river bike race. They modified their mountain bikes, turning them to river bikes by placing them in the river.

riverbike6.jpg (41738 bytes)
Robby, Shaun, and Cynthia start into the current


  1. Choose a river without large, mossy rocks. fell over lots, could hardly keep going.
  2. Otherwise, take off your pedals and just push with your feet.
  3. If you fall down, try to fall upstream from your bike. The current pushes you along hard and some of us sustained pretty good sprocket scrapes (show robby, shaun with chain on largest sprocket).
  4. Be aware of obstructions in the river. Shaun was stabbed in the back by a stick while being pushed downstream by his bike.

riverbike3.jpg (9012 bytes)
Provo River was fast and refreshing

riverbike2.jpg (13272 bytes)
Cynthia and Shaleah watch Robby wash downstream

Afterward, since it was Shaun's birthday, Darla brought cupcakes and this turned into a cake fight. While we rode back down the canyon home, passersby supplied some incredulous looks. (photo: whose bright idea was it to ride bikes through the bird refuge, anyway?)
riverbike4.jpg (17221 bytes)
No cupcakes were eaten, but all were put to good use.

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