Utah County Sheriff Search and Rescue members headed south to Zion National Park for some canyoneering training/recreation in Keyhole and Pine Creek Canyons without having to worry about finding and carrying anyone out.

zn-atree.jpg (25850 bytes)
Who'd have pegged Adam as a tree hugger? Bruce waits his turn.

zn-adrap.jpg (21828 bytes)
Commitment move: Adam and David drop into the Keyhole.
zn-skh.jpg (8322 bytes)
Shaun wades through Keyhole Canyon. Maybe he wouldn't be smiling so much if he knew his 300mm zoom lens was now filling with dirty water.
zn-dlaugh.jpg (11202 bytes)
David "I laugh in the face of 35 degree water!" Linton. Yeah, he's laughing on the outside.

zn-pkgang.jpg (16915 bytes)
So it begins...Adam, Chris, Bruce, Karen and Shaun wait atop the first rappel into Pine Creek Canyon.

zn-cathedral.jpg (11923 bytes)Looking down into Pine Creek's cathedral. zn-acath.jpg (13418 bytes)
Adam lowers in.
zn-cjblklgn.jpg (12667 bytes)Creatures from the black lagoon. CJ emerges from the final Pine Creek swim covered with pine cones and other assorted floaties. zn-sblklgn.jpg (15026 bytes)
More of the same.
zn-srap.jpg (23899 bytes)
Shaun drops over the 2nd to last rap of the impressive Pine Creek Canyon.
zn-spcrap.jpg (22584 bytes)
A Jack and the Beanstalk view of the world - looking down the final Pine Creek rappel.

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