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Scout Lake Campout

October 12-13: Dropping temperatures and snow scared many people away from this overnighter in the high Uintah's, but the seven who attended have no regrets.

We arrived at the Pass Lake parking lot after dark and started up the trail in a light snowfall.  We lost the trail twice, but found it again without too much wandering.

< "Let's get a photo while we're still lost!" Shaun suggested.   "I promise I'll find the trail right away." No one else knew at the time that he was already standing on it.

Home Sweet CabinBy the time we reached the lake, the snow was coming down thick and the wind sometimes whipped up strong and we (most of us, at least) enjoyed every bit of the storm.

We chose a three-walled cabin at Scout Lake and hammered up tarps to seal off the fourth wall.  Most people unpacked their bags and chose a spot on the bunks while Antone, Jay and Mark heated and distributed hot chocolate.

SCBUNKs5.JPG (18843 bytes)
Good Morning, Sunshines.
scgang.jpg (15507 bytes)
The Gang: Antone, Mark, Brenda, Holly, Jay, Nicci, Shaun.
scdoor1.jpg (13969 bytes)
Did the wind drop the picnic table outside our front door?! (no.)
scsclake.jpg (18469 bytes)
Scout Lake Observatory
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The Official "Cousin It Look-Alike Contest" ends in a tie.
scsmlake2.jpg (15178 bytes)
Hiking back to the cars, past one of many small lakes in the area.
Download Quicktime Player from Apple.com to view this movie.< Skipping rocks on Scout Lake the week before the camp out.

Coming Up Next:

1. Logan Canyon Campout (Right Hand Fork or Cowley Canyon) October 19-20.  Nice area with streams & beaver.

2. (tentative) SAND DUNES October 26-27.  Bring your paint ball gear, snowboards, sleds, frisbees and motorcycles!!! Spend a night & day in the desert. RSVP if you're interested in attending (by joining the group below) so we'll know how to plan.

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How to Build a Championship Tin Foil Dinner
(just like dad used to make, but without the charred black stuff)
How to Stay Warm Even if it gets Cold
(Cold just happens to be the most BEAUTIFUL and memorable time of the year in the high mountains)
  1. Cut up ingredients (below) into small enough pieces that they require about the same amount of time to cook.  Carrots cook more slowly than potatoes, so they should be smaller.
  2. Place meat closer to the outsides (especially bacon, which can be gross if it doesn't cook thoroughly) or make your dinner thin enough that nothing is more than 1/2" from the one side.
  3. Wrap dinner in foil, shiny side in.
  4. Wrap dinner in a layer of newspaper.  This makes it burn...er, cook more evenly and avoid burning.
  5. Wrap dinner in another layer of foil, shiny side in. This keeps newspaper from burning.

Potatoes, carrots, onion, green pepper, onion/ seasoning salt, soy sauce, chicken, bacon, hamburger, rhubarb, anchovies, rainbow trout, lemon juice, dumplings, marshmallows, sweet & sour sauce, etc.

  1. Bring enough clothes to pile on.
  2. Bring extra blankets (it's a short hike and if you can't haul all your blankets, someone else (like me) will do it for you.
  3. Drink enough water, and go to the bathroom when you have to (your bladder looses heat).
  4. Bring something to cover your head (and eyes when sleeping).
  5. If you get hot while hiking, shed layers to avoid sweating. If you get wet, it's harder to stay warm.
  6. Make noise. Noise causes sound waves (molecular-level motion) which can sometimes be mistaken for heat waves (also molecular-level motion).
  7. Cotton draws heat away from your body to dry itself.  That's great for a hot summer day, but wool and synthetics are a better bet in the cold.
Directions to Scout Lake:
Drive up Provo Canyon to Heber.  Turn north (left, highway 40). Go through town and a mile or so after leaving town, turn east (right) just before Jordanelle Reservoir onto highway 32.  This turn is at a sign that says "Jordanelle Overlook."  Follow this road ten miles to Francis (first town), where you will turn north (left highway 32) to Kamas.
From this point on, you'll follow signs that say Mirror Lake. In the middle of Kamas, turn east (right) on highway 150, which is the road that wraps through the Uintah's to Evanston.

Once you hit the park and pay your three bucks, you'll get a map where you can see the rest of this:

Drive past Baldy, past Mirror Lake (about half way to Evanston), and then right after you turn the corner where you can see Pass Lake, you will turn left onto a dirt road which turns into a parking lot in 50 feet. This is the trail head.

Two trails leave the parking lot and form a loop. Take the one on the east (right, the corner of the parking lot when you first pull in). This is the one that goes to Scout Lake first.  Follow the trail up .5 miles and you'll see a tiny lake (to the right of the main trail, but if the trail splits, go right and skirt the edge of this lake).  You will then say "This is Scout Lake? How cute!" But you will be wrong.  Scout Lake comes next.  Go past this lake on the right anyway and you will soon see the first cabin thing.  Keep going past the lake you'll quickly see Scout Lake (where you will say "This is Scout Lake? How glorious and beautiful!" and you will be right).  Over on the right of that lake are a bunch of buildings, with the three-walled cabins a little ways up the hill.

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