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Hardy blinds himself with the flash while playing with the camera

Great Blue Under:

SCUBA Florida

When Hardy had to give up climbing, his love for adventure never faltered. He moved to Florida, traded in his ropes for tanks, and immediately began working toward Dive Master status. 

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Johnny Flounder
Let me tell you the story about "Johnny Flounder." It seems a friend of mine named George symon told me this story. George had planned to go up to North Carolina, from Daytona beach, Florida, for some diving. He made plans to meet some of his buddies from up north in New York. In doing so he asked if he could bring a friend from down here to join their threesome. 

John is a known underwater hunter but George asked him not to bring his spear gun because the diving they were going to do was on wrecks down deep. John agreed and went up with George to meet his buddies.

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Neon will never go out of style down here

The guys chartered a boat and had such a great time, they decided to stay another day. Well, they couldn't get the same boat to take them out the second day so they hopped on with a group that was going out on a boat called the "Gunsmoke." This boat was used to catering to mostly beginner sport divers and then along come George and his friends. They are all wearing double tanks ready to do some decompression diving on a u-boat out there when the Capt'n changes everything.

The captain told the guys that they were slightly intimidating to the other guests on his boat. This didn't phase them much but what changed everything is when he told them they were not going to the u-boat but another boat that was pretty much rubble. This didn't set well with this crew but they didn't have much choice in the matter and decided to make the best of it.

Once they were in about 10 minutes, John swims up to george and points to George's rig. George had a hammer and chisel  and all John wanted was the chisel. So George gave it to him and then watched as John hovered in the water and with lightning-fast reflexes stabs a pretty large flounder. George starts laughing so hard that he just about spits out his reg. Well, John was holdin on to the fish he realises he doesn't have a place to put it. Then he opens up his wet suit and stuffs the fish in. This just take George back so he gets his other friends to watch john do the very same thing again. After everyon got the laugh they needed they went off on their own to leave john to his new found sport, stab fishing. 

When the day ended everyone was back on board talking about the plesant dive experience they had. But John wasn't aboard yet. As John came aboard there were three girls sitting next to the rails and when he stood up they said they must have started getting sea sick because of the rough seas that day. They said it looked like to them that John's wetsuit was moving. Just then John lets out a billowing laugh and says that was the best diving he had done as he opens his wet suit and one of the flounder had bitten on to his necklace and wouldn't let go. Once John got the fish off his neck he opened his suit further and blood was just pouring out with all kinds of guts and slime. The girls really got sick then and John kept pulling flounder out of his suit for a total of seven in all.

This story made it back up to New York and down to FL and earned him the nickname "Johnny Flounder."

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Night on the dive boat deck
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Trumpet fish
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Aren't they cute?!
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Puffer Fish
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Is it dead?
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The closest thing to leapard tights
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Funky Yellow Thing
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Morray Eel
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Getting ready to be dinner
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Another fishy
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Top 10 Things to Do When Chased by a Great White:

10. Aim for the SCUBA tank in it's mouth.
9. Make sure the video camera is running.
8. Create a warm spot.
7. Play dead (get a little practice for the real thing)
6. Punch it in the nose.
5. Doff the weight belt, fully inflate your BC, and exhale rapidly.
4. Spear a fish or your buddy so the blood will distract the shark's attention from yourself.
3. Spend your last moments relishing this sport that has added so much to your life.
2. Pray.
1. Wake up.

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