One Wheel Drive "never ride alone"

Trail Highlight:  South Fork Canyon
Difficulty: *
Scenery: ***

Directions: drive about 6 miles up Provo Canyon.  Turn right (south) over the bridge at Vivian Park (if you see the Sundance turn off on your right, you've gone too far).  Continue about 4 miles up the canyon, passing South Fork Park on your right and the reception center with the cute pond on your left. About 30 yards later, turn right (west) up the paved road marked with the brown National Forest Access sign. Park in the parking lot and start up the trail over the stream to the north.

owdsforkmeadow.jpg (16839 bytes)
Kennen and Heather chug up the easy ascent through the largest meadow.

owdsforkheath.jpg (16907 bytes)
Heather zooms down through gentle, shady curves

Most of the trail up is shaded, and early mornings are cool.   There are a couple spots where beginner and some intermediate riders will hop off and push for twenty feet, but over all, it's a gradual, easy ride. 

When the trail crosses the road, continue up the trail on the far side and after less than two miles, you'll meet a fork at the top of a short, steep rise where the trail continues up and down canyon.  Going down (left) gives you a few other options but they all wind up back at the parking lot.

You can also continue upward for miles, and the dirt road is there in case you get stuck lightless after dark.

Springtime and fall are both beautiful seasons for this leafy canyon.

owdsforkkenn.jpg (18811 bytes)
Kennen catches a bit of air over a bridge

owdsforks-h.jpg (19186 bytes)
Heather and Shaun glide back down the trail

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