lindices1.jpg (31140 bytes)Whack!

...and voilá, Shaun completes TEN YEARS of CLIMBING without ever missing a month.

With the exception of 3 or 4 months, that's all rock climbing - including year-round in Logan (brrrr!). In recent years, ice climbing has sometimes been used as a substitute. Another concession: several months have come right down to the wire with less than an hour left, and a few last-minute climbs have been less than impressive, but who's complaining?

lindice10.jpg (25312 bytes)"I thought I could, I thought I could!"

Don't worry, he didn't solo. The shot above is a short 15' cliff to access the ledge where the anchors were set for top roping.

<-- This shot is before tying in and climbing 50', getting careless (that's what top roping is for!), blowing a hold in cold, brittle ice, and falling 15' till the rope stopped him.  Darn - no adrenaline rush. (That's not what top roping is for.)

lindice4xx.jpg (14763 bytes)


Lindsey's one of the newest probational members (first-years, probies) of the Utah County Sheriff Search and Rescue team.   She has years of experience with water adventure (think "Baywatch" in Virginia Beach) but this was her first time climbing it frozen.

It looks like she enjoyed it, but the question remains - would she rather face falling blocks of ice or sharks?

lindicedrnk.jpg (20332 bytes)While demonstrating effective techniques for swinging the tools, Shaun punched through the outer shell of ice and a refreshing fountain of water came gushing out.  Kind of like Moses with his staff.  Shaun took it as a sign, of course, that Someone Upstairs was saying "Happy 10th anniversary!"
LINDICE1x.JPG (17954 bytes)Lindsey gets ready to climb Stairway to Heaven.
lindice5.jpg (37147 bytes)The snow falls as Lindsey nears the top of the pitch. Shaun and Chris will return and climb as far as the ice will take them tomorrow.
lindice7.jpg (33056 bytes)One more shot.








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