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Now you can stylize your work or play environment by adding High Adventure Coalition wallpaper to your computer screen! Here's How:

  1. Click on your favorite picture below to take you to a full-size (and higher quality) image.
  2. Right click on that image and choose "set as wallpaper" from the menu that appears. (Mac: control click for a menu)

Add the HAC or U of Life home page to your browser's list of favorites and come back as often as you’d like to try an inspiring new wallpaper!

Green Monster Mirror
Green Monster 5.9+

Timp Backdrop
Hiking to Silver Glance Lake

Why Aren't You Here?
Moonie Falls, Havasupai Indian Reservation

Daring Adventure
Life is a Daring Adventure or Nothing

Life on the Wild Side
Life is a Ride on the Wild Side

Smell the Wildflowers
Take Time to Smell the Wildflowers

Cusarare, Mexico
Cusarare Falls, Chihuahua, Mexico

Dive Back In
Dive Back In

Stewart Falls
The Adventurous Winter

Utah Lake Canoe
Lake Sunset

Up & Down Mt. Nebo
Nebo Up & Down

More to Life than TV
Let Your Feet Control the Remote

Freestyle Glisading
Freestyle Glisading Mt. Nebo

Summit Marker
Lone Peak USGS Summit Marker

Wall Street Dihedral
30 Seconds Over Potash. Wall Street, Moab
Make Life Rich
Rappelling back to Lone Peak Cirque near sunset
Summer Day
Diving into Silver Lake
Life Tastes Better
Ken & Eric eat cold pizza in the Lone Peak Cirque
Meaning of Life
There's More to Life than TV
September Full
Lone Peak Summit 2:30 a.m.
Small images on this page are saved at a resolution of 150x112. The links take you to higher-resolution SVGA (800x600) images. The word "XGA" indicates a higher-resolution image (1024x768). Click on the word "XGA" to access this image if you want that version.

If you don't set your wallpaper to fill your entire screen, set your background color to black or to otherwise match the image you've selected (right click on desktop, choose "properties" and then "appearance" and select the color).

If the image doesn't fit your computer screen, try right clicking anywhere on your screen (except on an icon) then click on "properties" and "plus" (or find your monitor or display dialogue box in your control panel) and check a box that says "stretch wallpaper to fit screen" (possibly under the "advanced" tab). You need the Microsoft Internet Explorer "Plus" options installed for the stretch thing  to work. Choose this option when installing the software .

If your screen is set at a lower resolution than 800x600, right click on the desktop (Mac users go to Control Panels under your apple, then choose monitors and sound) and choose properties, then choose the "settings" tab and select a higher resolution. 1024x764 is recommended. Keep the Hz setting above 60 or 70 if possible for more comfortable viewing.


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