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High Adventure Coalition:
Sunset/Cityrise on West Mountain

westgroup3x.jpg (16022 bytes) 18 High Adventure Coalition members showed up for a cookout on West Mountain with one of the best views available in Utah Valley.

The above photo shows a 180 degree view from our steep hill top. The water wraps around the steep mountainsides enough to let the sun sink over the lake to the west and city lights to rise to the east.

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Steffen even joined us
from HAC - Germany

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Where there's fire, there's smoke.  Though the wind brought a light chill, it did *not* snow.
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"Smoke follows beauty."  Antone, Nicci and Kiffany resist the wind and smoke.
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In Search of the Pefect Smore.
While we were there, a pair of canoes with young teens capsized in the storm on the lake below us. Search & Rescue headed out on PWC's and pulled them in within about half an hour. The kids may have suffered from a touch of hypothermia, but nothing serious.

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Aren't you worried about burning down the mountain? No, some thoughtful lightning took care of that for us a couple years ago.

Shaun, Antone, Nicci, Brenda, Jana, Al, Mark, Earl, KariLynn, Kiffany, Steffen, Matt, and...?

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