Little Wildhorse & Bell Canyons

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March 20 & 21 found Kennen, Shaundra, and Shaun camping and hiking through two slot canyons into the heart of the San Rafael Swell.

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We found a campsite Friday night, the first day of Spring, in the dark a little way off the road. We woke up leisurely the next morning after the sun warmed the tent.  Shaun climbed a nearby sandstone mountain with a few good scrambles, then sat in the breeze staring out over the desert and relaxing until it looked like the others were up and ready to break camp. Always schedule time for quiet relaxation to take full advantage of outdoor adventures.

Within the hour, we had started hiking up the canyons and around the 13 km loop, seeing beautiful narrow canyons and choosing places to come back and watch flash floods earlier next Spring. . 


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Shaun and Shaundra a few miles up Bell Canyon

Getting There:
From Goblin Valley State Park (Between I-70 and Hanksville, UT), drive back up the road less than 50 yards until you can turn left down a dirt road (just after the huge butte thing near the GVSP entrance).

Drive for five or ten miles. As soon as you dip down a low little wash, you'll see a parking lot right there on the right. Park there and hike up the wash into slot canyons.

When the canyon divides, turn right for Little Wildhorse Canyon, which is narrower and cooler but busier. Go straight (the left option) for Bell Canyon which is quieter, cleaner, and not as tight or high-walled.

Remember: only a fool hikes in the desert without plenty of water.

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A perfect sunset ends a perfect day
All in all, the trip turned out a perfect quick get away.

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