High Adventure Coalition
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Writing Seminar

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Doug, Cynthia, Robby, Shaleah & Shaun buy relative peace with a quarter-inch layer of bug spray

Join the HAC every tuesday at 6:30 at the base (Sorry, discontinued for the winter--e Shaun if you'd be interested in getting it started again) for the Writing Seminar. We choose a different outdoor spot each week and learn tricks to make your writing better and more effective developed by Shaun while teaching college writing for six years. You can review some of these in the Writing Center

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The basic format includes:
  • The Moment of Silence: just kicking back and relaxing. Letting nature seep in while stress drains out.
  • The Lesson: quick coverage of a writing technique and how to use it.
  • Take It For a Spin: try the writing technique to learn it better and prove to yourself that it really works.
  • Share what you've written (if you want), more feedback, more practice, whatever.

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With the boats lashed together, Antone & Doug do their homework

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Sophie scans the cliffs & waterfalls through binoculars during the moment of silence

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Antone pulls the canoe through reeds on Utah Lake

No photos: South Fork Canyon meadow, a small peak north of Squaw Peak, and a small mine in Rock Canyon.