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Nature Boy is an upcoming book from the University of Life Press. Here you'll find a number of articles--some of which will be included. Please let us know what you think!
The Meaning of Life
Mountain Symphony
Create Your Own Crisis


Zion Big Wall:

Life Goes On

Stop & Smell the Cactus
Basaseachic Falls:
If I Die, I Die
When Things Go Wrong
When Things Go Wrong 2

Mountain Biking in the Foothills:
High & Wide
Over the Top

Book Excerpts

Twenty now-distant years ago
I planted a tiny tree
In the front yard
Of my childhood home.
I held it in one small hand
And scooped the dirt away
With a trowel.

Just Yesterday
I finally recognized
The inalterable fact
That people never change.
We never will change.

The tree towers
Over my head now.
Swaying in the wind
It houses the plump robins
That winter here
North of the border.

The tree is green and wide and tall
And every bit as much a Blue Spruce
As the day
It fell from its cone,
split its seed,
And began its hundred-year trek
Toward earth’s center
And the warmth of the sun.

Nothing ever really changes
But if I hadn’t seen it for myself
I’d never have truly understood
How far the tiny sapling
Can come in only
A few short years.

About the Author
Shaun  Roundy earned his MA in writing from Utah State University and has taught writing there and at Utah Valley State College for seven years.  Born in New Jersey, Shaun moved to California and Brazil before growing up in Logan, Utah.  He has since lived in Spain, Washington DC, San Francisco, Taiwan, China, and Orem, Utah. He is an avid rock climber, mountaineer, mountain biker, traveler, a student of life and culture and more, all of which add flavor to his writing. Shaun has never been good at sitting still (except maybe out in nature). "Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm" may be the quote that best summarizes his life and goals.  Resume. E-Mail Shaun
Reader Comments
"Your writings take me to places I've never been, and I don't just mean geographically. You share not only your appreciation of the beauty that surrounds us, but your appreciation for human life, and the joy that comes from loving." –Pam, Olympia, Washington

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