Show not Tell

The first section is called Show Not Tell. It covers three particular skills that will draw your readers into your writing and make them experience it for themselves. Your writing can come alive and seem very real. Readers will understand, enjoy, and remember your writing better.

You may remember kindergarten and how you loved show and tell. Maybe you remember how the puppies always did their thing on your desk. Show and tell was a fun way to be involved and often a good learning experience.

But now you don’t get to bring your puppy to class. You don’t have a spider collection in a mason jar anymore, and no one wants to see your grandfather’s dentures. Show and tell is gone forever. So you have to do it all with words now. You have to learn to use words to paint vivid pictures in people’s minds. Smells, even. And emotions. Knowledge and understanding, insights and experiences.

And you have to show it all with words. This is Show not Tell. Read on and find out how to do it well.


Concrete Details

Sensory Details



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