Havasupai Falls

havafalls.jpg (23757 bytes)
Mindy, Soph, Leigh, Shaun and Alisha enjoy the cool water & spray

Sophie, Mindy, Alisha, Leigh, Haley & Shaun (just after getting off Timpanogos) drove all night to Arizona, then hiked ten miles to the campground on the Havasu Indian Reservation.  We spent three days swimming in pools and beneath waterfalls like this one.  We even swam over one small falls--Surfer's Abyss, we named it two years ago.  Stay tuned--more photos and stories to come. 

havagirls.jpg (27136 bytes)
Sophie, Mindy, Haley, Alisha and Leigh hike below Moony Falls

havacamp.jpg (42667 bytes)
Trailside & riverside camp above Moony. Mmm, love those

havanavajo.jpg (25559 bytes)
Navajo Falls. You can walk on a sandbar within five feet of the far falls. The tree in the background has since toppled.


Fifteen minutes ago,
I was hot and thirsty and dry.
Twenty miles in the desert
Can make you forget
Any comfort
You ever knew.

Fifteen minutes ago,
I was tired, aching and sore.
Thirty five pounds on your back
Can work its weight
All the way
Into your ankles and knees
And shoulders.

Fifteen minutes ago,
I found a waterfall,
One hundred fifty feet of froth,
A bright blue pool
Of cool, clear water.

A liquid  sun dances above me,
Sparkles on the stained glass surface.
Holding my breath,
The waterfall's thunder
Is a pleasant pounding
Against my brain and body.
I'm swimming invisible corridors,
Slippery wet currents
Skimming bare skin.
I'm sliding upstream,
Gliding like a fish,
Clean and naked.

Life as a castaway
Sounds so appealing
Lying in sand,
A hundred miles from anywhere.
The distance drifts away
In the cool water at my feet,
Draining from my tired body,
Dripping into the warm sandy beach,
Evaporating in a perfect
Blue sky.

I've long since forgotten
My dusty old  pack,
Sitting on shore
Where I dropped it.
Funny the way
Life turns the tables
With one quick twist of the trail.

Let's hope the falls lie before you,
The desert sun and sand
At your back.

Never stop walking.
Run if you like.
I'll wait for you here
If you promise to come.

--shaun roundy


If you enjoyed that, then find other poems by Shaun Roundy here. Read a related story here--about a different trip to Havasu.

Click here for photos of another highly-recommended canyoneering trip (Subway).

havacan.jpg (15857 bytes)
Candice is happy even after being swept over the falls behind her.

Want to get an idea of how happy you could be on vacation in a place like this? These faces (from a different trip to the same place) should give you some clue

havariver.jpg (15346 bytes)
Walking downstream from Moony Falls

havasoph.jpg (23459 bytes)
Sophie can't stop smiling

havakzip.jpg (19364 bytes)
Mike lifts the rope, Shaun holds down the bushes, and Kevin zips into the river

havacar.jpg (22425 bytes)
Carrie below Surfer's Abyss

We built a zip line into a pool below a falls we named surfer's abyss, after Kevin rode a log over into the 20' deep hole. Soon we were all floating over, moving slowly at first and suddenly feeling like the suction grab your feet and legs and pull you over, scraping only a little on the way past.

havaszip.jpg (21004 bytes)
Soph can't stop laughing after a face-first ride

havatunnel.jpg (26013 bytes)
The route down next to Moony Falls includes a steep climb through tunnels among ancient waterfalls.

havashadow.jpg (14124 bytes)
Scenery like this just doesn't stop.

havasbeav.jpg (19712 bytes)
Shaun ponders jumping above Beaver Falls, a few miles downstream toward the Colorado River.

havaparking.jpg (10402 bytes)
Soph & Shaun,
very happy to have reached the parking lot
after hiking all night up from camp.

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