Mount Timpanogos, Again

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This is a 3-D picture.  Go cross-eyed and watch Timpanogos pop out at you! (by Antone Roundy)
Don't spend too much time at this, your eyes might stick that way.
The yellow dot on the bottom of the right image shows base camp, the dot at the top shows the summit.
The slope on the left is Baldy. In the center is Everest Ridge. The ridge on the right edge is Ginsu.

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Shaun steps across the exposed edge of a cliff band
On May 2, Shaun and Robert climbed the West Face of Timpanogos. 

After staring at the mountain for two weeks, dreaming of going up again, Chris (who climbed the Grand Teton with Shaun two years ago) called, and on May 16, up they went again.  Shaun's brother Antone came along, too, and the second trip made the first look like nothing.  Well, maybe not nothing, but....

          Antone and Chris make their way up Everest Ridge at about 10,000' with 8,000'+ Mt. Baldy and 4,000' Utah Lake in the background. Antone & Chris make their way up a narrow ridge

We finally reach the summit ridge.  A long hike to the summit awaits.
Kendall, Antone, Cindy, and Chris.  Dark clouds move
over the valley as we finally reach the summit ridge

From Base Camp, we heard voices down canyon.  By the time we had climbed 2,000 feet, the voices appeared below in the form of Kendall and Cindy, who followed in our footsteps and caught up to us after another 2,000 feet.  When we reached the steep, technical climbing, we tied them into our rope and proceeded to the summit.
             Temperatures drop well below zero as the wind whips ice crystals against any exposed skin.  Here, we make our way south and down from the summit, carefully avoiding the up-to 40' overhanging cornices.

We reach the base of the foothills (passing 50' high piles of snow from massive avalanches miles down the mountain) just after dark and at 11:00 p.m. Shaun climbs in the back of a Bronco and heads for another backpacking trip in the Havasu Indian Reservation.

Heading back down from the summit.  Down is always easier and faster.

See nine more pictures on Antone's web site.

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