Old GloryOld Glory
        forever in peace may it wave...

Once first ascent fever bit with Bear Lake Monster, Shaun and Chris began scoping virgin rock for new conquests. What they found was Old Glory in Provo Canyon. This giant fold of limestone across from Nunns Park offers quality rock and beautiful vistas among the poorer, stratified rotten rock that abounds in the canyon. Color Code: gloryscope.jpg (20764 bytes)
Yellow: Free at Last 5.8 (straight up) and Coup d'Etat 5.9 (veering left from half way up). This route was freed on July 4, 2000 by Shaun Roundy and Chris Barksdale. Two pitches. Follow the obvious crack to the left up and around the bush to the top of the first cliff, then move outside the arete and up to the top. Lower from slings left around the tree to the large chockstone near the base with two ropes. Pull them and thread the cliff to lower to the bottom of the slot. Coup d'Etat moves around the front of the cliff in a rotten, hard to protect slot and ends with nothing but view. Not recommended.
Red: approach to Free at Last. Head toward the obvious waterfall, then cut across the cliff band below the falls and scramble carefully on up.
Purple: All Play and No Work 5.7 (right) and Doggy Llama 5.8 (left). All Play and No Work was put up on Labor Day by Shaun Roundy and Sandra Cherrington. Start at the base of the best-looking crack and run 50 meters up the arete to the tip of the outcropping above. Set an anchor and enjoy the view. Beware of loose rock! Give your belay a helmet! Doggy Llama (two variations climbed by Chris and Shaun) ascends either side of the 90 degree angle cut into rock just up from AP&NW. Too poor of rock to safely protect, top rope this one. Expect holds to pop.
Green: possible location of Dolly Mamma (or is it Molly Llama? E me, John, and let me know). Also climbed July 4, by John Stavros and either Molly or Dolly...?

gloryelodie.jpg (18256 bytes)
Swiss climber Elodie Staffler at the top of All Play and No Work
gloryfalls.jpg (27344 bytes)
The approach to top rope Doggy Llama passes through an ephemeral falls
glorykirsten.jpg (39855 bytes)
Chris's wife Kirsten drops over the edge of Doggy Llama

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