Silver Lake

Sha and Shaun Take a Dive
Shaleah and Shaun dive into Silver Lake

August 14-15, the HAC (Shaun, Shaleah, Ashley, Antone, Jeff, Joe, Jon, Ann, Robby, Troy) hiked to Silver Lake, near 10,000', to camp, hike, and swim.

Sha climbs from the cold water
(find this photo on the HAC Wallpaper Page)

The water was cold, but felt ten degrees warmer than Silver Glance Lake (see below), so we didn't mind.

We hiked another mile to Silver Glance Lake through beautiful wildflowers and granite drainages.

Ashley wonders if Silver Glance Lake really exists.
Are we there yet?
(find this photo on the HAC Wallpaper Page)

Ash Nears Silver Glance Lake
Ashley nears Silver Glance
(find this photo on the HAC Wallpaper Page)

silvsha2.jpg (13162 bytes)
Shaleah takes her second plunge

Now this water was cold.

silvgash.jpg (6407 bytes)
Ashley will never forget this moment

silvtroy.jpg (14274 bytes)
Troy finds a more sensible use of the lake

After hiking back down from Silver Glance, we spent a long afternoon diving, swimming, and otherwise goofing around at Silver Lake, then hiked back to the cars around 3:00.

Find more photos at Antone's web page.

silvsha.jpg (16474 bytes)
Shaleah off to see the view

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