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Shaun & Rob Climb Timpanogos' Face
Sun & Storm on Mt. Timpanogos
Timpanogos Again
Shaun & Chris Summit Cascade Peak
Cascade Peak
Mt. Nebo & the Next Olympic Sport: Freestyle Glisading
Mt. Nebo
Learning to Ride on Cascade Peak
Cascade II
Grand Teton Ascent
Grand Teton
Ginsu: a knife-blade ridge to outdo all others
Sleeping Quarters on our first Big Wall, Zion NP
Space Shot
King's Peak, 13,524'
King's Peak
timnorthx.jpg (5926 bytes)
Timp North Summit
Mt. Rainier
Mt. Rainier

Mt. Olympus
Mt. Olympus

Shaun, Ben, and Shaleah summited Lone Peak at 2:30 a.m. on HAC's two year anniversary
Lone Peak
Ben follows the second pitch of Solar Slab Gulley
Red Rocks & Gold Strike Canyon
Lone Peak 2
Lone Peak 2
Prodigal Son: Zion big wall
Prodigal Son
Echo Cliff, Kansas
Kansas Mud Climbing
Night Climb!
Night Climb
Climb Point Dume, CA
Point Dume
Bear Lake Monster first ascent
Bear Lake Monster
isox.jpg (8205 bytes)
Isolation Canyon
Isolation Canyon 2 Old Glory Become a Climber Babe!
Climber Babes
Ice Climb Stairway to Heaven
Ice Climbing

Once you've had a taste of climbing, nothing can replace the thrill and beauty of dragging your way up a sheer face with toes and fingertips. Nothing's quite as rewarding as topping out on the mountain, taking in the view for a few minutes, and coming home to cherish the changes your challenge grew inside you. Got a route or area worth documenting? Send it along!

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