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If rainy days make you want to backpack through pine forests, if cold nights leave you longing for a warm snow cave to burrow in, if you'd rather jump out of an airplane than watch the in-flight movie, if your favorite music group is that guy playing guitar across the camp fire, then we want to meet you!!


Zion National Park right fork of north fork river. 3 day backcountry canyoneering
Zion Backcountry
Shaun & Ben's 8 Days of High Adventure in Creel, Mexico. Basaseachic, Copper Canyon, Cusarare Falls, etc.
Close Calls in Mexico
New Year's Eve in Hell's Throat, Logan Canyon
Hell's Throat
2nd Annual Alpine Loop XC Ski Campout
Alpine Loop II & III
1st of Spring, San Rafael Swell, canyoneering Little Wildhorse & Bell Canyons
San Rafael Swell
May Full Moon in Moab with HAC AZ. Climbing, Jeep Safari, etc.
Avalanche Cafe - Primrose Cirque, Timpanogos
Avalanche Cafe
Six HACers spend three days hiking and swimming in Havasu Falls along the South Rim of the Grand Canyon
Havasu Falls
Nutty Putty Cave, Utah County - directions, photos
Nutty Putty Cave
Adventure Book: An American in China: Starting Over, by Shaun Roundy
An American in China
A Perfect Summer Day: 10 HACers camp & swim and Silver Lake and Silver Glance Lake, American Fork Canyon
Silver Lake
Summer hiking and camping on Mt. Timpanogos
Summertime Timp
SCUBA Florida West Palm Beach
SCUBA Florida
Featuring the Dangerous & DIfficult Jackknife Maneuver, Provo River
Paddling the Provo
Motorcycling the Little Sahara Sand Dunes, Utah
Sand Dunes
Rafting the Rio Cangrejal, La Ceiba, Honduras
Honduras White Water
Hiking and cliff jumping Puhlapanzak Falls, Honduras
Honduras Waterfall
Hiking near Honduras' 2nd highest peak near Lake Ojoa and Las Vegas
Honduras Mountain Climbing
Zion's Subway back country hike/ swim / climb / rappel / canyoneering
Zion's Subway
Bird Island sailing adventures Utah Lake
Bird Island Resort
Sunset/City Rise Moose Meadow Scout Lake SCUBA Palm Beach Sail Away...
Shaun & Chantal drive to Creel, Mexico for high adventure
Return to Mexico
40th Street Beach bonfire campout Utah Lake
40th Street Beach
Memorial Day @ the 40th Street Beach
40th Street Bday Bash
High Uintahs - Amethyst Lake, Lake Ostler
High Uintahs
Amy hangs on after the boat flips in a squall...which was only the beginning.
Squall Rescue
Inversion Aversion Diversion
Escape Winter Blues
rangecreekx.jpg (6636 bytes)
Range Creek Canyon

Climbing And Mountaineering Project

Shaun & Rob Climb Mt. Timpanogos' Face
Sun & Storm on Mt. Timpanogos
Timpanogos Again
Mount Timpanogos Everest Ridge March 2003 climb
Timp Everest Ridge '03
Ginsu: a knife-blade ridge to outdo all others on Mount Timpanogos
Mt. Timpanogos North Summit winter ascent
Timp North Summit
Grand Teton Ascent Complete Exxum Ridge
Grand Teton
Shaun & Chris climb Cascade Peak, Utah
Cascade Peak
Learning to Ride on Cascade Peak, Utah
Cascade II
King's Peak, Utah's highest point @ 13,524'
King's Peak
Mt. Nebo & the Next Olympic Sport: Freestyle Glisading
Mt. Nebo
Climbing Mount Rainier - Camp Muir
Mt. Rainier

Climbing Mt. Olympus, Utah
Mt. Olympus

Shaun, Ben, and Shaleah summited Lone Peak at 2:30 a.m. on HAC's two year anniversary
Lone Peak
Climbing Lone Peak, Utah, again
Lone Peak 2
Echo Cliff, Kansas & other rock climbing
Kansas Mud Climbing
Prodigal Son: Zion big wall
Prodigal Son
Sleeping Quarters on our first Big Wall, Space Shot, Zion NP
Space Shot
Night Climb! Why don't more climbers climb at night?
Night Climb
Climb Point Dume, CA
Point Dume
Bear Lake Monster first ascent, Logan Canyon, Utah
Bear Lake Monster
Ben follows the second pitch of Solar Slab Gulley, climbing in Nevada's Red Rocks
Red Rocks & Gold Strike Canyon
Isolation Canyon, AZ
Isolation Canyon
Become a Climber Babe!
Climber Babes
Ice Climbing Bridal Veil Falls to the restaurant
Bridal Veil Falls/restaurant
Ice Climb Stairway to Heaven
Ice Climbing
Old Glory Isolation Canyon 2 zn-srapx.jpg (5399 bytes)
Canyoneering Zion
lindicex.jpg (5129 bytes)
Ten Years of Climbing
stwyx.jpg (4062 bytes)
Stairway to Heaven

One Wheel Drive "never ride alone"

HAC Pioneers New Sport: River Biking
River Biking
South Fork Canyon trail review
South Fork Canyon
"Are you a Utah Driver?" Quiz Motorcycling the Nebo Loop, autumn 2003
Nebo Loop

Adventure in Everyday Living

Utah Search and Rescue .com
Utah Search and
Island Park Scout Camp: COPE Rules!
Island Park Scout Camp
HAC Writing Seminar
Writing Seminar
An American in China: Starting Over
An American in China
@NatureBoyx.jpg (7049 bytes)
Nature Boy
The Unadventurous Life is not Worth Living The Big Idea Rolling Santa
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Beautiful Vistas, Thrilling Bursts of Speed

Coming Soon: High Adventure Coalition the book
from the 7 Cardinal Virtues series

High Adventure Coalition: Beautiful Vistas, Thrilling Bursts of Speed
by Shaun Roundy

Heavily illustrated and powerfully written, High Adventure Coalition will snare you from page one. You will finish with a deeper understanding of the inner workings of Passion and more than likely run right out to fill your life with a bit more adventure. Read a tiny sample here.

The purpose of this book
Is to teach you to feel more alive,
To persuade you to follow your bliss,
To prepare you for the trials
Always found along the path of passion,
And convince you that life can
and should
be exciting
and beautiful
and glorious
Despite all the evidence
to the contrary.

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